Having completed its establishment in 1993, MAĞ – TUR MAĞARA TURİZMİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. By completing the project and construction works in more than a year, it brought the DIM CAVE and its facilities to Turkey Tourism in 1998.

Dim Cave was accepted as a member by the International Show Caves Association (ISCA) in 2002, “International Association of Caves Open to Tourism”. The Dim Cave Enterprise has come to the fore as a contemporary example in the field of cave tourism.

Preparing the application projects of all kinds of natural caves for different purposes, especially tourism, with modern methods, To undertake and undertake the application works of natural cave projects that are ready for implementation or prepared for implementation by our Company on a turnkey basis, Undertaking the operation of the “Open Caves Association” in line with the rules of the International Show Caves Association (ISCA) constitutes the most important fields of activity of MAĞ -TUR A.Ş.

In addition, MAĞ-TUR A.Ş. It organizes cave tours and geotours in line with its establishment purposes.